Monday, December 20, 2010

rain rain go away

so we arrived in california on friday night and it hasn't stopped raining since. i realize rain isn't really a big deal in many other places ["it rains nine months out of the year in seattle!" - sleepless in seattle] but having been born & raised in a place with a notorious shortage of "weather", i can NOT get over this. i keep saying "wow, i can't believe it's still raining!" and everyone else says "we KNOW." haha.

anyway, aside from the unusual weather, we've been having a great trip. not sure if jack is as in love with so cal as i'd hoped he'd be, but i'm chalking that up to either teething or settling into a new place. since we arrived, he's a.) developed a SUPER annoying new whiney sound that he likes to use on average of an hour a day and b.) decided to wake up at least three times a night. it's so, so much fun.

BUT, he also is c.) constantly smiley when he's awake and un-tired [once he gets tired, it's another story] and d.) really really interested in checking out his new surroundings, especially the christmas tree, my parents' dog, all the mirrors in the house and the pictures that hang on the wall in my brother's room [where jack is sleeping for the trip]. we have lots of fun plans for the week, culminating in jack's first christmas which is going to be awesome in and of itself. so i guess i should stop my own whining about how tired i am and just get in the christmas spirit.

[but feel free to leave a comment telling me this stage will end and he'll get back to my normal, happy, great-sleeping baby soon because sometimes i think i'm going to lose it.]

here's a pic of jack and his latest girlfriend, emmy. emmy is the adorable little baby girl of my friends karly & chris, who jack met over the weekend and as you can see they're already enamored with each other. [b says jack's pulling the "stop short" move from seinfeld, if you know what i'm talking about.] don't mind the drool, that's a constant around here:

nothing i love better than spending christmas break fabricating imaginary girlfriends for my boy. :) yay for christmas break!


Angela and Mike said...

To comfort you...if there is anything I've learned about parenting, it is that no matter what terrible phase it is that you are going WILL end. It feels like it never will while you are going through it and then days, or weeks later...they are backto their happy little selves. Only problem is, a few weeks after that there is something ELSE and they go through a terrible phase again.

I promise it'll go away, it might not go away tomorrow though, but it won't last forever or probably even more than a few days. In a week you'll be thinking "isn't he the cutest thing in the world....I shouldn't have been so stressed last week". Then the next month you'll say "kill me now, and give me my normal baby back". It is allllwaayyyys cycling :)

Just try to not feel so desperate (that's how I get) and tell yourself "he's just going to be like this for a few days".

Nail Salons Utah said...

Rain or snow! I think I would go for show. Good luck with the rain and hope it gets better in Cali.

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Ashley said...

There's no way around it -- holiday traveling with a baby is HARD!

Jenny said...

Travel always messes with kids' schedules and leaves them cranky. Once he gets back to a normal schedule, he'll be fine. :)