Saturday, December 11, 2010

payzant advent calendar

when i was little, my mom made this advent calendar out of felt. it hung on our wall evvvvery year growing up and me & the sibs took turns updating it each day. i strategically managed the daily order so that i would be the one to put baby jesus up on the 24th each year -- since i'm the oldest [and smartest ;) ], rachel & grant never suspected why i was so nice to let them go first and yet i ALWAYS got baby jesus, year after year. suckers.

anyway, the advent calendar had kind of taken a hiatus with no more kids living at home, but last year when i was pregnant with jack my mom gave me the advent calendar with instructions to keep the tradition alive with my new little family. i put it up this week and have loved putting up each character each day -- though i really do miss my little sibs and doing this with them every morning.

BUT. as i'm putting up each little guy, i'm seriously amazed at the work my mom put into this thing -- the details are amazing. sequined turbans for the wise men? puff ball camels? pipe cleaner shepherd staffs? adorable. nice work, mom. this thing is a masterpiece.

p.s. i really REALLY miss my little bro today because it is his 20th birthday. feliz cumpleanos, little mexican missionary! we love you.

grant & the closest he's been to meeting jack:

love my brosef.


Aimee and Jared said...

Great post. Happy b-day to Grant. I love Grants. And adorable advent calendar. That's really special. I need to see you one more time before you leave for CA, okay?

Leandra said...

I love the calendar! I hope you post a pic with all the little things when it's christmas. oh do you need me to go pull out the pieces everyday when you're in ca? :)

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

Man you two are hilarious! I wish I would've seen the poopy diaper shower!! B should've thought about the possibility of missing with such a precious load... :) Also loved the almost on time for church barf... yeah, I'm convinced that even starting 2 hours early won't work with the little ones power to poop and barf!! They're too powerful!
Send the christmas card to Deena's... we'll be moving out and I don't want the letter to be returned to you. THanks!

The Mid Life Guru said...

The advent calender was truly made with love for my family. I was very picky as to what I wanted to create for years of family traditions. Thanks for carrying on. xxoo