Friday, December 10, 2010

xmas card photo

here's the winning shot that made it into the christmas card this year:

i liked this one too [j's little smile behind his hand is so cute] but ultimately decided to go with the one where we all looked decent.

we took them right before church one day and i was so proud that we were dressed up, ready to go with our picture taken and on time to church -- and then as soon as we finished the photo shoot [thanks leandra!] jack barfed all over himself and required a wardrobe change... and we were late to church anyway. oh well. at least he held it in for his modeling gig :)

i decided not to include a letter in our cards this year. the card doubled as j's birth announcement, so i figured that was pretty, not much else has changed with us this year. we're still in utah, b is still in school, etc. etc. hopefully next year we'll have lots more to share, and my return address will be somewhere a lot cooler than orem UT.


Angela and Mike said...

and by "the one where we all looked good" you mean, "that b looked good in". haha, because you look IDENTICAL in both pictures (gorgeous as always). :) Love the pic and the card!

Kathryn said...

Mrs. Wells, it's been much too long since I stopped by your blog. So many fun things going on. Loved the giggling jack video, lovely pics and funny stories, as usual. Glad you are having some festive fun and enjoying the snow. It is lovely, especially at first. But you are right about Feb-April getting very blah.
You are looking fabulous as always.

Leandra said...

cooler than utah? no where is that :)

Ashley said...

What an amazingly stunning little family you have!

Michelle said...

whatever are you talking about? Orem, UT is a way cool return address. :)

Darling pics. Way to save the barf for later, J. That's my boy!