Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a really excited christmas

pretty sure i have like seven blog posts floating around in my head, but also pretty sure i'm never going to have time to write them down. ha. we'll work on that. also, my previous post was #500 for the one-eyed wonder blog. that is pretty cool.

anyway, christmas was fabulous! with the exception of one thing, which i'll get to shortly. jack's first christmas was a rousing success, as you can see:

i laugh every time i see that picture. his christmas jammies were adorable and he was really excited. apparently.

jack loved opening presents. or mostly just loved chewing on packaging.

see the little dog in this picture with jack, grammie and pop pop?

that's roxy, my parents' dog [previously mentioned many times on this blog...she is treated like a little human princess, as in my empty-nester mother acts like roxy is a beloved additional child]. everything was fine and dandy when this picture was taken and continued that way until about five hours later when we realized someone had let roxy out to go potty but never let her back IN...the dumb dog ran away.

so on christmas day, we spent half the afternoon driving / walking around the neighborhood, leaving no stone unturned looking for the little dog...but to no avail. let's just say christmas dinner was definitely lacking its usual cheer because my parents looked like they were going to burst into tears at any moment. we put up signs all around the hood, my mom knocked on doors, etc etc. to make a long story short, we got a call during church on sunday from a family in whittier who had picked roxy up and babysat her for 24 hours. they brought her back that afternoon and all was well, unless you count roxy's temper tantrum upon her return because apparently she was mad we hadn't come to rescue her. silly dog-person.

more on christmas cheer later...i'm up WAY past my regular bedtime.


Leandra said...

lol! He LOVES his jammies! And christmas! I'm glad Roxy was found... I know how it is having a pet as the member of the family :) So really glad she's back!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Ahhh Jack is such a cute little boy!

I'm so glad your family got the dog back. I was really worried!

Roxanne said...

1. Jack is SO adorable (and I can't wait to meet him)
2. All Roxy's are princesses! I love it!

Janessa said...

I'm sorry, how did the dog get from Rancho to Whittier? That's kinda a long walk!

Lambson Family said...

love the dog story! made my day...whittier is FAR!