Sunday, November 16, 2008


i have no pictures of this weekend.

with that sad fact out of the way, here's a little more about what we've been up to.

saturday we started out the day with a delish breakfast at julienne with our lovely friends t&a. any place that serves creme brulee french toast is more than okay with me.

then we watched the new james bond movie. it was quite delightful but i must say those bond girls had the ugliest haircuts i've EVER seen. i used to be totally anti-bond (due to blatant takes more to get me into a movie than hot half-naked girls and cool gadgets) but these new daniel craig versions have been fantastic -- great fight scenes, cool cars, not a lot of half-naked girls (but they are in fact usually hot).

i went to a craft day after that with the ladies from church...i made some cute christmas ornaments and a wood-block nativity scene that has since proceeded to fall apart. bummer. i did however enjoy some delicious soup and some fun girl time.

we had planned to meet up with our long lost friends at the LA temple that evening, but due to the fact that most of southern california is on fire they were unable to join us. b was feeling a little sick so we opted to stay home, bake and watch the utah game. it was a fun and relaxing night.

and TODAY was the first day in MONTHS that we haven't had plans. after church we came home, laid around, cooked dinner, read our scriptures together, watched byu-tv, and generally just enjoyed some couple time. it was fantastic.

and with that i am prepared for the week ahead, which contains but is not limited to the following: LA auto show press preview day, motorcycle industry communications symposium, driving to cypress, serving food to old people, learning to make pies, flying to utah and attending one of the biggest football games of the year. bring it on.


Roxanne said...

you are going to the BYU game? Jealousy in my heart.

LAURA and ELIZA said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! Sounds like fun though! When is your next trip? I'm excited to hear all about it!

Jean said...

LOL! I love the title of this post. I've really been wanting to try Julienne, but for some reason, we never get up and out in the morning hours (haha!). Glad you had a fun Saturday and a relaxing Sunday. I'm so excited to see Quantum of Solace!! I'll brace myself for the hairstyles. :-P

Brandon and Erica said...

ooh..that entire recap, laced with the future events really got me all pumped up for some reason.

You, my friend, have a way with words.

And, yes....about that you I say, BRING IT ON! :-)

dana said...

haha, casey says "and...scene" all the time. Classic.
Sounds like a relaxing Sunday. And LAME about the Nativity Scene. Is it fixable?