Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a comparison

on typical weekdays, my schedule looks like this:

ride train
ride train

i usually follow that up with one or two of the following: watch simpsons (husband's choice), go to gym, do laundry, grocery shop, watch jon & kate. ONE or TWO. not all.

on days like today when i work from home, my schedule looks like this:

big breakfast
walk to trader joe's
watch taylor swift's "love story" video three times (oops, make that four...though the quality is much higher on the mtv buzzworthy blog)
talk to my mom/jolee/brandon on the phone
make the best chicken nachos EVER
mail back netflix
straighten up apartment
clean kitchen
catch up on what not to wear / byutv

pretty good, huh? i even honestly worked a good eight hour day, and still got all that other stuff done. it's amazing what an extra two hours and no husband can do for a girl.

(p.s. - brandon was supposed to come home tonight but an interview got delayed, so now he's coming home tomorrow. BOO.)


dana said...

Hooray to a productive, yet fun day! Not riding the train does give you a lot of extra time.
Come home soon husband.

Jean said...

Wow, you seriously just had a week in a single day. Way to go!!

dietcokegrrl said...

It's amazing what you can get done when you aren't using 2+ hours a day to commute. YAY for you and your fun and very productive day.

Sometimes, I miss those days...