Monday, November 17, 2008

excruciating monday

nothing is worse than stabbing your finger with a pin...especially when that finger is your mouse-clicking finger and you have to use it nonstop for the next NINE HOURS :(

however, nothing is also better than having a whole plate of scotcharoos at my desk AND starting off the day with a JT skit from SNL. (yeah, i don't stay up that late to watch it live...)

happy monday everyone!


Angela and Mike said...

Mondays, mondays...

dana said...

I did a similar thing to my finger today too! And had the SAME am I going to type and sew? At least I don't have to do it for 9 hours. Sorry for you! :(
And yes yes yes to JT.

The Conder Family said...

Hi Lyndsey-
I have had so much fun reading your blog! You just make me laugh. It's fun to see your enthusiasm for life - it's contagious. I think your new picture - the one in yellow (yeah, I don't know how you got it that yellow(: ) makes you look so much like your mom... with only 1 eye (:
Love you

Brandon and Erica said...

hey! You changed your blog layout!

haha..funny funny One-Eyed wonder friend!