Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

i'll no doubt spend tomorrow stuffing my face and watching football-related movies, but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful thanksgiving!

i always feel bad for this holiday because, as a less-materialistic day, it gets forgotten between halloween and christmas. but i love the chance to spend a day being thankful for everything we have, and i will never put up my christmas decorations before thanksgiving is done to give it the respect it deserves.

so, to kick it off, here are a few things i'm thankful for this year:
  • my husband -- for making me laugh, bringing me cookies and telling me every day how lucky he is to have me
  • my wonderful family AND extended family (in-laws included)
  • my faith and the perspective it gives me in this crazy world
  • amazing friends at work, church, in my hometown, on blogger, via email -- however we keep in touch, i love having you in my life!
  • my job and my paycheck when our economy is on a roller coaster ride
  • my tiny apartment with a tiny kitchen, even though it smells like smoke and the water heater makes noise all night long
  • living in a beautiful city with palm trees lining every street and the luxury of never worrying about the weather
  • DVR -- seriously, this has changed my life
  • struggles and trials that help me grow and become tougher and help me have more empathy for others
  • knowing that i have a new day tomorrow to be better, try harder and do more good in this world
hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving -- and remember to be thankful for what you've got!


Nat said...

and a happy thanksgiving to you as well! i've decided that if we could come up with better decorations for thanksgiving (cause seriously, the cornucopia has nothing on jack o'lanterns and christmas lights...) people would be waaay more excited about it. :)
enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie!!

Jean said...

Great post!! Right on! We all have much to be thankful for. :-)

I love how all my friends are so thankful for me in their blogs. (I'm usually referred to as "friends," but I know y'all are really talking about Jean.)