Saturday, November 8, 2008


the husband has recently become obsessed with failblog. i'm not quite converted (probably because it does not involve food or baking, as most of my favorite blogs do) but i have come to quite enjoy the highlights.

tonight i think i burned off my whole chipotle burrito by laughing so hard at THESE:

(warning...they're pretty painful to watch.)

best man fail:

parenting fail:

grape fail:

i hope you enjoy.


schnazdoodle said...

love, love, love Failblog.

BTW, I've shown everyone I know Cake Wrecks. I get calls at work from co-workers asking if I've seen the birthing cake... haha!

Jean said...

HA! Okay, maybe I'm out of touch, but I've never heard of Failblog. But those are REALLY funny. (In a sad, oh-that's-a-shame kind of way, especially with that poor little kid!) But still kind of funny. :-) Haha! I'm gonna have to check this website out.

Roxanne said...

Those are quite hillarious. I especially love the grape fail one...thats what she gets for trying to cheat. lol!

dana said...

That's really funny. There are blogs for everything!