Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cookie wrecks

last night our wonderful friends/neighbors (freighbors?) the mcmullins were kind enough to invite me over for family home evening. i think they could sense my desperation at the prospect of not having face-to-face interaction for 24 whole hours.

anyway, we celebrated thanksgiving early by talking about gratitude, watching charlie brown's thanksgiving, and...decorating cookies. maybe that's not the most harvest-type activity but let's be serious...i enjoy cookies at any and ALL seasons.

and when i got them home i realized they all looked a little wreckish. i guess i'm not the best cookie decorator...or maybe i was just feeling abstract last night. so, in honor of my favorite blog, here are a few of my own wrecks:

not sure exactly what this one was supposed to be. i was really proud of the yellow and green squiggles in the middle, but the large circle and the blue addition were totally random.

i was probably distracted because we were laughing a lot over exploding frosting bags and the horrors of childbirth. is this a flower? a sun? you decide.

since the husband was gone i of course had to make something cheesy in his memory. i definitely could have added a little more creativity, though.

and yes, i do have a middle initial (it's M, if you'd really like to know...ten points if you can guess it correctly) -- the cookie was a little too left-lopsided so i decided to add b's middle initial last minute. the two anemic hearts and gross pink dots were just afterthoughts.

this one is in honor of jurassic park, me & the husband's #1 favorite movie of all time. i just love dinosaurs. not sure they belong on cookies, though. nor do they need giant suns hovering over them. didn't you know, that's how the dinosaurs went extinct? a giant sun. once again, another case of not knowing how to adequately fill my canvas. oh well. more frosting :)

we made the frosting out of various items including meringue powder, which you can buy at michael's if you didn't know. it tasted a little chalky but luckily we had delicious cream cheese frosting also.

i ate two un-decorated, cream-cheesed cookies this morning. then i had two joe-joes in the afternoon. i'm not quite sure how i developed this huge lack of self-control -- you'd think i was raised without dessert restrictions or dietary regulations, which is not the case -- but it's disgusting. i love -- and loathe -- cookies.

and i can't believe i just spent one hour on blogs. husband, come home!!


Jean said...

Okay, cookie decorating for FHE?? AWESOME!!! Yahoo for the McMullins for rocking it. Lyndsey, I think your cookies are fab. They are an appropriate expression of your free-flowing creativity. :-) Especially the dino cookie - love it.

My guess: MARIE! If that's not it, then my backup guess is Mugatu. (haha)

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE IT! I'm glad you had time to blog today!!

Stephanie said...

You'll have to inform me if I am totally wrong...but I am pretty sure it's Marie! Right? Awesome cookies btw.

Angela and Mike said...

haha, great blog! I love all the cookies and creative decorations...my favorite is the dino one. Awesome. They look very yummy!

Wendy said...

speaking of jurasic park. our elder's quorum president in burbank (whit hertford) was "volunteer boy" in the movie =)
lyndsey- you are so cute- i love following your blog!