Monday, November 3, 2008

daylight savings

riding the train is a little scarier when it's pitch black outside no matter what time i leave work.

good thing i still have entertainment. when i told the homeless crazy in the subway station that i didn't have any change, she said "god bless. i like your hair." sweet.

also, i've been pretty much conserving my political power for all things prop 8 this election season, but i have to get this out. i'll admit i've been sort of on the fence about both presidential candidates, and even with all the things i've heard about obama's ties to islam, inexperience, etc. etc. i could still see some good in him.

but his beloved grandmother dying the day before the election??? don't hate me for saying this, but does that seem like a major sympathy ploy to anyone else??


Nat said...

I guess we're both heartless cause I totally thought the same thing!! It's just a little too much, imo. Anyway, are you so stinkin nervous for tomorrow? The anticipation is killing me!!

Jean said...

Haha! Good question about Obama's grandmother. I can see how the timing might work to his advantage if people feel sorry for him... but obviously it wasn't planned, and I wouldn't think it would actually sway that many people. If a close member of McCain's family had died, we could say that was a sympathy ploy too, but I think in either case, it's just saddening. If my grandson were running for President, I'd want to be with him through the whole thing. Yet, she died so very close to the election. That's hard. I guess she kind of helped raise him. :-)

Brandon and Erica said...

I think she probably died last week, and the media decided to just "air" it on November 3rd. You know that biased, Liberal media.

Just my take. If only we could get some Conspiracy Theorists involved.

An email to you is forthcoming.

Melanie said...

Hey Lyndsey - God bless and I like your hair too. :)

dana said...

Weird about Obama's grandma. But yea, I don't think a death was planned. I hope....!

And let me just say, I hate Daylight Savings. It's an old school idea that was invented for the farming community. And since most of us don't live that way now, why do we still do it? Away with Daylight Wastings I say!