Sunday, November 23, 2008

entry to utah

currently blogging from salt lake city, utah. we flew in yesterday morning to go to the utah/byu football game last night (post forthcoming) and are staying through thanksgiving.

started out with a little glitch though -- our flight left burbank at 7:30 a.m. yesterday, so we planned to get up at 6 a.m. unfortunately, either because i stayed up too late watching twilight the night before or because i have this bad habit of turning off my alarm in my sleep, i opened my eyes at 6:45 a.m. uh...yeah. we slept in. i believe the exact words out of my mouth were: "brandon! we're just like home alone! we slept in!"

we grabbed all our stuff and drove 90 mph to the airport, hoping against hope that we'd make it. i didn't have high expectations however, because we were planning to check our bags (dang cowboy boots!). not sure if i was more upset about missing our flight or the fact that i didn't get up on time -- the whole ride to the airport i kept thinking "I DO NOT DO THINGS LIKE THIS!!! I am RESPONSIBLE!!" haha. surprise, lyndsey, you're not as on top of it as you'd like to think.

long story short, we didn't make it on the 7:30. rather than wait for the next flight, which got us in 30 min. before game time (assuming all flights were on time, which is unlikely), i had a flash of inspiration and got us on a direct flight out of LAX, leaving at 11 a.m. so we drove home, ate breakfast, showered and drove to the other airport. luckily, we made that flight.

and here we are. i must say, coming into salt lake is like arriving at a family reunion. i've never made it out of slc airport without running into someone we know (remember, janessa? :). yesterday we saw two friends, at two separate places. gotta love utah.

another thing to love: NO snow on the ground! i hope it stays this way for the next five days.


dana said...

Hooray for NO snow!
And kinda funny departure story. I love the Home Alone sleep in. And yes, you are very responsible. Hello, Kevin's mom would not have thought of your brilliant fly out of LAX thing if THEY had missed their flight (of course she really is irresponsible. Um, she left her kid at home)...
Glad you made it there!

dietcokegrrl said...

I can SOOOOO relate to this one. It seems like I am always late to the airport and just barely make the plane every time. No matter how many times I allow myself plenty of time--I'm inevitably late.

Smart thinking to try LAX--they have more flights for sure!

And I know exactly what you mean about the SLC airport---what is it about running into people you know there? Funny.

virginia said...

Hahaha... i can totally see you telling yourself, "you don't do things like this, Lyndsey. you are responsible!" Too funny! Hope Utah is a blast - Happy Thanksgiving, Wells family! :-)

Janessa said...

Of course I do! Too bad you're already here, no airport run-ins on my way out tomorrow!