Saturday, November 29, 2008

t-giving week

now that we're home from utah i suppose i can recap our trip.

monday we went to the gateway to do a little shopping and have lunch with b's former boss. while there we had to stop for a picture with b's favorite slc landmark, a giant painted homage to the beatles:

that night we had dinner with my grandparents. grandma is famous for her delicious meals, so this was a fantastic treat even though cooking dinner is a huge project for her these days. i miss g&g a lot so it was great to spend time with them!

my cousins janae and kaylene came too.

b and i spent the next few days just hanging out in sandy, going places in our rival college sweatshirts (everywhere we went people said "look, how funny that one is wearing byu and the other is wearing utah!" yes, hilarious.), sweating it at the gym and playing pool with the in laws.

i was craving some fro yo so we hit up utah's latest craze, spoon me. let's just say it's not quite up to par with my california preferences.

thanksgiving was lovely -- lots of food, family and relaxing. big thanks to the in laws for the yummy food and fun times. (pictures were on the family camera and i haven't gotten them yet.)

and yesterday we flew home. we even got in a little early and didn't miss our flight. yay! it is SO GOOD to be home...back to our own routine and regular california life. and to my pleasant surprise it's a little cooler here now -- maybe in the 60s. definitely my kind of winter weather :)


dietcokegrrl said...

YAY you're home--sounds like you had fun! Glad you got some vacation time in to relax and hang out with family!

dana said...

This is random but just want to say that every time I quickly just glance at your picture on the top of the blog I seriously (for a moment) think you're wearing a black tank top. And in my mine I'm like, huh, that's funny (just the way the colors in the photo are). Then I realize it's a sweater.
I'm retarded.
Just wanted to leave a retarded comment :).

The Conder Family said...

How fun you got to see my family for Thanksgiving! We were wishing we had some of grandma's yummy treats ourselves ( : We're looking forward to Christmas for that reason (we'll one of them).