Tuesday, December 30, 2008

all eyes are on pasadena

...or at least that's what the rose bowl commercials keep telling me.

despite this annoying semi-cold i have developed (it consists of nothing but a mild overall crappy feeling and an INCESSANT runny nose...ugh), we are in quite good spirits at the wells house.

a. we worked 1.5 days this week
b. we will be off for the next five days (thank you, workplace!)
c. the rose parade is coming!!!

i am so thrilled about all this free time, i hardly know what to do with myself. though i'm pretty sure it will involve house cleaning, some actual cooking, and checking all sorts of things off my to do list.

last night we went to the gym, which is located on colorado blvd -- aka the rose parade route. three days before the parade, there were THREE motor homes parked along the road. these people have staked out their spots 72 hours in advance to watch a parade. crazy? yes.

but you know we are waking up early on thursday to attend as well :)


megan said...

yeah, people are crazy when it comes to the rose parade. I saw those rvs as well.

hearing that you got to go to the gym makes me wanna go...

dana said...

All eyes were DEFINITELy on Pasadena. (how self-centered are we? haha. jk)