Friday, December 19, 2008

so official

due to the extensive remodeling in our office, people are constantly being shuffled around to new workspaces. the auto team, of which i am a part, isn't schedule to move until the last phase -- but because i have sat in a big cube right next to the back double doors, that's where the receptionist is stationed now while her usual area is under construction (the front double doors are where our receptionist usually sits -- three times in the past two years vendors have thought i was the receptionist by accident).

not a big deal to me. i've sat in that seat for two years and liked being in a social area where everyone came by to say hi, but i was kinda excited to get a change of scenery.

so imagine my delight when i was told i would be moving (temporarily) to an OFFICE!!! woo hoo. what a big graduation from cube land.

this office belongs to my boss, who is on maternity leave. it's only mine till mid-jan, but whatever! i can close the door whenever i want!!!

p.s. how clean is my desk? it's usually never like that...but i spent the morning organizing for xmas break :) i'm proud.


dietcokegrrl said...

Ahhh yes, having an office is heavenly. It's so nice to be able to just close the door.

I remember the move from cubicle to office--an awesome day!!

Brandon and Erica said...

Two things:
1- I love the BYU mug you have as your pen holder. Very alumni-ish of you.

2- Are you seriously wearing that white PUFFY coat in California? makes me think it is snowing and 20 degrees where you are. Stop wearing coats like's probably 60 degrees where you are :-).

Angela and Mike said...

Wow, what a pretty office. That's fun. Enjoy it while you have it :)

Roxanne said...

that is a clean desk. PR people aren't allowed to be that clean! where's our twin picture?

dana said...

WOW. Swanky. Yes, I never had an office either. You're moving your way up in the world! (for a month at least :) )