Friday, December 19, 2008

work presents

every year, i try to bake something delicious to give my co workers as a christmas gift. this year was no different...i start out the season with great intentions to manage my time adequately so the project didn't stress me out. this year was okay, but MAN. december is rough. between parties, gifts, baking, etc i am just booked solid.

but i digress. here's the tale of the 2008 work gifts.

every year brandon likes to make homemade toffee. it is a third-generation wells family recipe and it is TO DIE FOR. we've had some issues with the process (the first year we were married b bought a cheap candy thermometer and ended up destroying a pan, a spoon and a full batch of toffee) but he's really good at making it.

b is very particular about his craft. here's the secret family'll have to talk to him if you want details on making it.

homemade toffee

1 lb butter
2 cups sugar
4 tsp vanilla
4 cups chopped walnuts
4 tsp cold water
6 tsp Karo syrup
4 7-oz. Hershey bars

1. prepare pan with half nuts. place half chocolate over nuts. set aside.
2. combine butter, sugar, syrup and water in pot. bring to boil, stirring constantly. cook to 285 degrees while stirring. take off heat and add vanilla - keep stirring!
3. pour over nut/chocolate in rows. even out with spatula if necessary.
4. sprinkle last half of chocolate over toffee. do same with nuts over chocolate.
5. set on top of fridge overnight and break up in morning

i decided to also make a payzant family specialty -- reindeer eyeballs.

reindeer eyeballs

1 package powdered sugar
3 cups rice krispie
1 1/2 cubes butter
2 cups peanut butter

1. mix powdered sugar and rice krispies together
2. melt butter and add peanut butter
3. shape into balls and dip in chocolate

add some hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels....

some cute holiday wrapping...

and voila! christmas gifts for everyone. took only a sunday afternoon and a monday night follow up to prepare them. not bad.


dana said...

Um....why weren't any of these at the cookie exchange???? YUM!!

schnazdoodle said...

LOVE homemade chocolate covered pretzels -- I always make them...

I also love toffee -- I'll have to give that recipe a whirl!

sweetsusan said...

I don't think that you saved any of those goodies for your favorite aunt, did you??!!!! They looked yummie, even at 330 in the morning!!

Angela and Mike said...

Mmm...those all look so good! I love that the name of your family cookie is reindeer eyeballs. haha. It's kinda like a Halloween name. I bet your coworkers LOVED them. I wish I could have some.