Wednesday, December 31, 2008

peace out 2008

and here we are, another new year's eve. i'm a nostalgic sap so i always get a little reminiscent this time of year -- i love all the video montages on tv that show everything that happened in the world in the past year, and on a personal level i love to remember everything we did and tried and learned. i love looking back at where i've grown, and looking ahead to what's next.

so here's a little 2008 recap from the payzant-wells home:
  • we left our very first apartment in west LA and moved to lovely pasadena
  • i traveled to victorville, san diego, san diego, georgia, new york city, and georgia for work
  • brandon traveled to scottsdale, san francisco, austin, and san francisco (and got three hours of sleep a night while here in LA) for work
  • together, we traveled to germany, austria, switzerland, france, mexico, utah, arizona....whew!
  • my favorite sister married the fantastic jesse holdaway
  • my hero and one of the most amazing people ever, president hinckley (former pres of the LDS church) passed away at age 97
  • i was featured in the march issue of real simple magazine
  • my favorite brother turned 18
  • i chopped off all my hair
  • i got my first (and only) wisdom tooth pulled
  • brandon helped launch the ever-amazing wii fit
  • celebrated our two year anniversary! (i was away on a work trip, natch)
i really think this was one of our best years yet. life is never perfect or stress-free, but i feel truly lucky to have so many wonderful friends, a great family, an amazing husband and a fun life. thanks for all the love and support you've all given us throughout the past year... i can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us!

happy new year from us to you! talk to you next year :)


Janessa said...

Tell B that Wii Fit is mean. It likes to tell me I'm fat.

Oh and happy new year to the Wellses! :)

megan said...

fun post! but are you trying to make the rest of us jealous?! seriously, all those places you visited?! where have I been in 2008?? hmm..idaho, utah, :-) sounds like you had a fun year though!

2x2momma said...

Your posts make me laugh every time! You guys have had a pretty hot year, 2009 might be hard to top... but I'm sure you and B will manage. Happy New Year!!

sweetsusan said...

Happy New Years to you and Brandon!! See you next year.

Nat said...

happy late new year's to you guys! I'm with Megan, your year sounds waaaay more eventful/fun than mine!!! I'm totally jealous of your travels...we just flew back from Atlanta and pretty sure I'm never stepping foot on a plane with Fallon ever EVER again...anyway, see you soon!

dana said...

Fun recap! I love reading all of these on everyone's blog. I'm still working on our Christmas post!

Your old apartment on the west side was cute. And you sure did a lot of traveling! I'm glad you guys moved to Pasadena. Yay!
And happy 2009!

The Conder Family said...

What a cute picture... totally worthy of a frame ( :

Wendy said...

lyndsey- your blog is so fun to read, keep it up. i haven't been a follower for too long so i hadn't seen your magazine article. i have to admit i was blown away when it stated your "rent." i thought- man john i are either huge suckers or that can't be right. i then read your commentary...