Friday, December 19, 2008

twin day

last week my favorite friend roxanne came to downtown to visit me and grab a quick lunch. she lives in san diego so it was a real blast to see her.

roxanne is my twin. we first became friends in college when she was the receptionist in the BYU newsroom and i wrote for the student paper, and we figured out we both had the same hot pink volcom shirt. that definitely upped her coolness factor in my book, but we never really hung out or anything. for one thing she's one of the few girls i've met in my life who is actually taller than me, which is unique and therefore often disarming to me.

since college our similarities have only increased.
she works in PR, i work in PR.
i'm married to a brandon, she dated a brandon for a while.
we both randomly ended up at disneyland on the same day last year.
she lives in california and i [obviously] do too.
she's tall, i'm tall.
i managed an event at the ivy hotel in san diego...she parties like a rock star at that very hotel.
her name is roxy, my dog's name is roxy. i leaving anything out, twin? anyway, word on the street is that since our lunch date she chopped her hair and added a little redness, making us even MORE alike. apparently i need to get some awesome hipster glasses and then we will be the same. thanks for lunch lady -- it was great to see you!


megan said...

nothin like a good friend!

and I'm still sad I missed your party! I hope that there are going to be pictures!

dana said...

haha. That's really funny.

Roxanne said...

I think that about covers the twinness (i mean we are awesome!) the post. i just got a great laugh. And I think its a great idea for you to invest in a hipster set of glasses. We'll have to do lunch again soon since my hair is short and red now. And I'll keep my eyes peeled for a Brandon to marry..haha.

Have fun on the cruise.