Wednesday, December 10, 2008

christmastime lately

so i needed a little help getting into the christmas spirit this year...maybe it has something to do with our 75 degree weather, who knows. (though nights have been quite chilly...that's the only time i feel festive :)

luckily i had a funfilled christmas-y weekend last week to give me a boost.

just about every mommy blogger in pasadena has written about the griffith park light walk, so on friday we decided to check it out. i loved it! i'm a sucker for christmas lights, especially when i can walk it.

it started and ended with an amazing light tunnel. even though my eyes sort of wigged out while we walked through it, i thought it was beautiful.

they had all sorts of designs, animals, people etc. made completely out of lights all along a path. i guess the rest of the month you can drive this, but the first week in december it's open to walkers. (who wants to drive anyway? boring)

there were fun LA landmarks too, like city hall, a surfer on a wave, the griffith observatory, LAX. my favorite was a mini hollywood bowl and h-wood sign (sorry for the blurriness) :

here's me & melanie, the greatest neighbor/friend ever (though, of course, she's pregnant. all my pasadena friends have kids) :

saturday was our ward christmas party and dinner. i was skeptical of it at first but we ended up having a blast. first of all i had never seen a cultural hall decorated so amazingly -- there were decorations and flowers everywhere. b and i were asked to help serve, so we had a fun time goofing off in the kitchen with our other server friends and running back and forth with plates. it's always funner to help out than actually be the party guest, i think.

and then sunday we watched a christmas program on tv put on by the leaders of our church (i told you, lots of christmas stuff!) and walked up to pasadena city hall to see their giant tree.

i LOVE pasadena city hall. if i got married again i would so take our engagement pictures there. the architecture is amazing.

and that was our weekend. oh yeah, i also dyed my hair:

still getting used to it, but i like my new "winter" color :) and yes, i still only have one eye -- i swear, we did cut the bangs a little but they're still in my face nonstop.


Mollie said...

So cute! I love your hair. I dyed my hair last week and I am still not so sure. Yours looks amazing!

dietcokegrrl said...

Yeah, I think we are the ONLY ones who didn't go the the Festival of Lights this year. I am so bummed! The timing just never worked with kids bedtimes and Sam's work schedule. sigh. Oh well.

Glad the ward dinner was fun--we were at my parents house all weekend and missed it.

LOVE the new hair--can't wait to see it in person.

Brandon and Erica said...

I love it! The hair, that is. The Christmas post too, but mostly the hair. It is of you! I looks great, bud. You are H.A.W.T. (never understood that spelling, but I didn't want to make it awkward). Did Rhonda do it? Or is it Rita? Rosa? What's your hair-lady's name?

Jean said...

Yeah, your hair is adorable. I'm glad you made it to the light festival!! You're right, we totally wigged out while walking through the tunnel too. I had to keep blinking my eyes. :-) And I think City Hall is beautiful too. We went to get our parking passes, and ended up walking around, all amazed, staring at the building! Awesome.

megan said...

yay! glad we hooked up in the blogging world! now I can add you to my google reader and catch up on all your posts

I'm a sucker for lights too...I'm basically a sucker for anything christmas :-)

your hair is super cute! who did it? I really need to get mine done again!

sachia said...

Hi Sassy brunette. Love the hair and the sass you show in photos. Good job serving at the ward x-mas din din. I didn't get a chance to thank you for all your hard THANKS!!!!!!!!!

dana said...

Fun Christmas weekend! I'm glad you guys did the lights and seriously, so much better to walk through, rather than drive. And yes, my eyes did weird things in the light tunnel too. I think it's the random sparkly lights. Makes your feel dizzy.
Glad the Christmas party was enjoyable and yes, City Hall is gorgeous.

And totally LOVE the hair color. You can pull of dark or light. Both are adorable!