Sunday, December 14, 2008

my hermano

thursday was my little brother grant's 18th birthday.

he was born when i was 7, so he was always sort of my little doll. i loved holding him and playing with him. i remember pulling him out of his crib once and thinking that someday, when we were both adults, i wouldn't be able to pick him up anymore and thought that maybe if i picked him up every day until then, i'd stay strong enough to keep doing it. too bad we don't live in the same house anymore so i can't try that...but i CAN still pick him up :)

anyway, it's been so fun to watch him grow up. he is so much cooler than i ever was (although i take partial credit for this, because i'm the one who taught him about hollister and punk bands and all the stuff kids need to be cool these days :)

BOTH of my siblings are fun. they don't mind taking myspace pictures with me. (this is from 2005...but we do this all the time.)

friday night, my parents threw him a surprise party. they passed out more than 70 invitations to all his little peeps (seriously? do i even KNOW 70 people?...) and they ALL kept the secret. hilariously, it was my MOM who blew the surprise. she maps out her menu for the week on the fridge each week, and actually wrote "party" for friday night -- and grant saw it. boo.

but we went to the party and ended up feeling totally old and lame. i sat in the back with brandon drinking my diet coke (the last soda left...i can't even remember the last time diet coke wasn't the first drink gone. what's wrong with kids today?) and looking at all the funny teenagers with their skinny jeans, random facial hair and nonstop texting.

then things got good because they played a slide show of his life. i loved all the pictures of his chubby smiley baby face and watched all the pictures of our family growing up. i cried a little. (i cried at the slide show at my sister's wedding too. happens a lot.) i love my brother.

happy birthday sparky!


Angela and Mike said...

Aww...I love little brothers. Happy birthday. And yes, I do feel old when I see all the teens with their texting and skinny jeans.

dana said...

What a cute little post and tribute to your brother. I'm glad that you can still pick him up too :)

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

THAT'S SOOO HILARIOUS! It's always habits that kick us in the shorts and laugh at our blunders! THe stinkin' "grocery list on the fridge" habit will one day be the means of my surprise party destruction too! :) Must. write. on. the. list... ahhhh!