Sunday, December 28, 2008


geez...i swear i'm almost done with the blog post catch up. sorry for the overload!

b's fam stayed a few extra days after the cruise to see our apartment and visit pasadena, so we spent the weekend playing tour guide.

friday after disembarking the boat, we showed them around paseo and saw valkyrie, which i was excited to watch. i've always been a huge fan of world war II movies, so that favoritism overruled the fact that i hate tom cruise. plus this is about germans! i love germans!

i thought the movie was pretty good. they did an awesome job of building up suspense, even though we have all known the ending for about 70 years. for a second i actually wondered if hitler was actually dead. and tom wasn't too bad.

yesterday we drove all over the greater los angeles area. usc, culver city, hollywood, beverly hills -- all the overpopulated places i try to avoid. oh well, at least i got some tito's out of it :)

and i gotta say, this has been a fabulous weekend for tv. last night sleepless in seattle was on tnt, and tonight is the sound of music! i don't usually need an excuse to watch these movies that i can quote verbatim, but it's always nice to not have to pull out the dvds :)


dietcokegrrl said...

Sheesh! You are a blogging maniac tonight! You've almost inspired me to update mine...almost. Maybe tomorrow...

OK, a few things:

1) TOTALLY agree about Tom Cruise...YUCK
2) YAY for Tito's!
3) And seriously, WHAT is it about movies tonight?? Two of my favorites were on tonight too! A much different genre than yours (The Professional and Reality Bites), but still I was totally sucked in and watched them both.

OK--I've GOT to stop commenting and go to bed. My kids get up waaaay to early.

dietcokegrrl said...

OK--LAME grammatical error on my last comment...which is my total pet peeve, so I must correct it!

I meant waaaay TOO early. grrrrr.

Nat said...

yay! i liked valkyrie too...on-screen tom usually doesn't disappoint (off-screen tom is a different story). glad you guys had super fun cmas cruise and no one got food poisoning! :) happy new year!!

Meridth Gimbel said...

HEY!! So let's face it. I've been a blog spy for awhile. Basically because your blog is so freaking interesting. But I never have anything clever to say so I just go incognito. Anyway I just thought I'd mention that I just did a post on my family blog about Valkyrie. How cool are we?!

dana said...

We totally watched Sound of Music also! Sadly, we only caught the tail end and I have NEVER actually seen the whole thing. Yikes. Time to put it on netflix.

I hate Tom Cruise too and try to avoid his movies when I can. Glad to hear the movie was good though. We saw Seven Pounds (good, liked it, kept me wanting something more though. Rosario Dawson is/was beautiful) and we saw Benjamin Button and HATED it. BORING and pointless.

Glad you got Titos. That seriously sounds so good.

sweetsusan said...

Ryan wants to see that movie, but we heard that it was stupid, so now I can tell him that his cousin gives it a thumps up!!!