Tuesday, December 9, 2008

google yourself

so today i googled myself (you know, just another day at work...) and all the typical stuff came up for lyndsey payzant -- the corporate alter-ego of the girl typically known as lyndsey wells:

my linkedin page, fb, the blog, some random articles i wrote in college for either the daily universe or to make a quick buck, plenty of media alerts and whatnot that i've sent out over the past two years in my current job.

nothing surprising. the husband and i have been known to google ourselves at times (hey, we work in media...it's important to know what's out there), but usually do it somewhat selectively. turns out there's a gay porn star w/ b's exact name. (don't try it, you'll be ruined for life.)

so next i decided to try lyndsey wells, something i hadn't done. and WOW. what an eye opener. on the first page alone, i found the following:

- a linkedin page for someone who is NOT me
- a franz ferdinand song about my exact name (seriously??? how cool is that? i'm not a huge FF fan, i only know a few songs, so if any of you are fans you need to enlighten me asap)
- some other random lyndsey wells on fb, holding a baby
- a member of the ucla rowing team (i didn't even know they HAVE a rowing team, let alone my twin is on it!)
- public background checks on other lyndseys

the best part of all of this -- they all spell their first name just like me! i have searched throughout the past 24 years trying to find others like me and have only found four. i am so excited to find all these other unique girls -- only they can truly relate to never buying a personalized nametag keychain from disneyland right off the shelf, or never finding a mini license plate with your name.

it was truly a great day for me :)

i highly recommend trying this for yourself...who knows what else is out there. and if you REALLY want to blow your mind, try the google images.



LB3K said...

Hmmmm, I didn't really come up with anything-- no one else out there has my exact name (Leisel Payzant) aparently. Weird! ;0)

LB3K said...

Oh, and PS, I totally understand about the not being able to buy pre-made name items-- mine doesn't exist! And- I did it to my own children, too. Mean, huh?

Jean said...

That is awesome... especially the Franz Ferdinand song!! How cool. Jean Anderson is supposedly this famous chef with a bunch of cookbooks, so she usually comes up first in my Google searches. :-)