Thursday, January 22, 2009

absolutely mediocre

not a whole lot of blog-worthy activities have been going on in the payzant-wells hiz these days. i mean, sure we've been doing STUFF. lots of stuff.

stuff like attending three baby showers in two weeks. or actually cooking dinner -- what a change! (granted, this is only because i worked from home today and because my friend megan blogged about her amazing prosciutto mozarella pinwheels and i HAD to try them.) or celebrating three day weekends in a decidedly non-internet way. or watching inaugurations or going to target three times or vacuuming my apartment. or trying to track down every single red nikon L18 camera in a 200-mile radius. (seriously people! help me out here! is finding 30 cameras on their way out of production SO hard?)

or, my personal favorite, hanging out with some of our incredibly awesome friends in p-town (pasadena is so the new provo). but it's not like i'm going to bust out my camera and ask to take pictures while i'm sitting on someone's couch stuffing my face with a delicious brownie sundae, because those activities are def not blog-friendly.

in other news, it actually rained in southern california. granted it was still in the 70s and it was only damp enough for me to skid in my flip flops on the steps to my building but hey, we take all the precipitation we can get around here.

also, i learned a new term today. apparently brandon and i are DINKs - dual income, no kids - and you can all refer to us as such. i prefer "queen DINK" as a slight happy reward for being half of the only kid-less married couple in practically the whole world. i guess that title maybe makes up for the fact that i'm endlessly surrounded by adorable droolers and baby talk at every turn. maybe.


dana said...

DINKs. I like it!
I'm going to incorporate that into my vocabulary. Thanks for sharing!

sweetsusan said...

Hail to the King and Queen of DINK--from one of your loyal sujects.

Sarah said...

yay for DINKs!

dietcokegrrl said...

Yeah, sorry about the baby/children talk that goes on pretty much all the time...but I guess you can't expect too much else at a baby shower. Or two. Or three.

At least you've got a break until the next one. :) Probably March.

And BTW, I miss being a DINK sometimes...shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Jean said...

Yay for fun weeks!! Yay for the dinks!! I've heard that term before, and supposedly "dinks" are the richest people out there, because you don't have little, drooling, financial black holes living with you (haha). So, rock on.

Angela and Mike said...

Sounds exciting to me...and I think you SHOULD have taken a picture of you stuffing your face with a sundae. Totally blog-worthy :)

I'm so proud of myself, I actually knew the term DINK! That's what I've been for almost 4 years!

JoLee said...

Rarely do I get to teach someone something new. Glad you are a DINK like me!