Tuesday, January 27, 2009

p-town haps

there's a photography studio across the street from my gym with the most ridiculous photos hanging in the windows. one is a baby covered with clothespins. our favorite is a guy [who ironically looks just like one of b's co-workers] wearing a t-shirt, suit jacket and backwards baseball cap, holding a basketball in one hand and pouring a pitcher of water on his smiling face with the other. uh...random.

tonight that window was full of balloons and a dress-clad mannequin. they are filming brothers and sisters there today and tomorrow. also down the street from our house another show is being filmed...i hear rumors it's fame (you know, w/ joey fatone. woo hoo! i loved *nsync). yeah. that's how we roll in pasadena. or as i now refer to it, the snowy city.

in other news, last night we saw this bad boy rollin on the streets (sorry for the blurriness):

yep, that's a tricked out hummer with two flat screen tvs in the back windows. sa-weet.

btw if you didn't know, we're in a recession. luckily b and i still have jobs, but let's just say that my industry is hurting. i read this depressing little article today about all the job cuts in the past two weeks...BOO. oh well, all is not lost -- dots is still opening a second location in old town!

and i can't post on a tuesday night without commenting on a.i. seriously?? if kansas city was the dentally-challenged city, jacksonville must be the CRAZY city. i've never had so many wtf moments in one night. between the adorable dog and the freaky jesus lookalike and inviting moms and friends into auditions and the TWO crazy bipolar guys totally crying -- keep me away from j-ville. (and randy was in journey??? awesome!)

those are my thoughts for tonight :)


Brandon and Erica said...

Dude..my thoughts exactly! Why was every judge sitting on someone's lap last night? Seriously...crazy A.I. judges.
And, they actually made that poor Anne Marie girl leave and come back again?!? Yeah...I was thinking the same thing you were.

I am oh.so.pumped for the SLC auditions tonight! I think everyone will see just how awesome us Marmons are :)

P.S. I don't like how you have a new location for "p-town"...when I read your post title, I thought you were headed back to Provo!

dana said...

Yes! That footage of Randy in Journey was AWESOME.

And that hummer with flat screens is even MORE awesome. Welcome to the recession homie.

schnazdoodle said...

Oh man. Delicious cupcakes. I will have to drive to Pasadena for these. I love Sprinkles cupcakes, but hate having to drive to Newport Beach (even if it's 10 minutes away from where I work -- beach traffic sucks). Mmm. Frosting.