Monday, January 5, 2009

on tour.

thanks to my fam's new christmas present, we spent a whooooole lotta time doing this last week:

i LOVE playing the drums. all my rock star fantasies can finally come true, thanks to good old rock band. i guess all those hours i spent in the band room making chad bridgeford teach me how to play the drums paid off :)

my favorite song to play is "go your own way" by fleetwood mac. also i think i dented the drums because i rocked out a little too hard.

i'm on tour through 2009. my alter ego is named sahara sunshine and has hot pink and turquoise hair. and one-eyed side bangs of course.


JoLee said...

Isn't rock bank amazing! Love that you love it! I can't believe how much blogging you have done since I was last on here...amazing.

megan said...

I really need to try this!!

and is that your mom? she is super skinny!!

Angela and Mike said...

...and one-eyed side bangs OF COURSE. haha. Can I get your autograph?

dana said...

I love the drums best too! Unfortunately, so do both my sisters. So we normally did a rotation each song. That made it pretty fun. Seriously, I could play more of that. Good thing we don't have one here at the house.

Chad and Jessica said...

yay! my husband got a mention in your blog!!!I feel super special! He is an awfully good drummer ;)