Thursday, January 29, 2009


woo hoo! so i have been on twitter for a couple months now (if you're on it, follow me: basically, it's like a blog made up of facebook status updates -- you update what you're doing and read what everyone else is doing too.

kind of fun, kind of addictive (esp. if you sit at a desk all day and actually follow a bunch of helpful work-related sources).

regardless, earlier this week i started celeb stalking on twitter. i follow taylor swift (!!) and demi moore & ashton kutcher. ashton's are totally hilarious. the other night i told b about something ashton had said and he said "you KNOW it's just their publicists, right?" this prompted a heated discussion about my newfound twitter friends.

today on ryan seacrest (total side note: how cute is ryan seacrest? the guy gets a lot of crap for being feminine or cheesy or a workaholic or whatever, but he seems like the nices guy on idol. i want to be his next door neighbor) -- demi & ashton were on, talking about their twitter pages! HA! sweet victory is mine. i love social media because ANYONE can do it...even celebs :)


Angela and Mike said...

haha, way to go. I love that you stalk people...through blogs and facebook. But I love MORE than you admit it.

Yeah, I don't think Ryan Seacrest is bad at all...I like him and think he's funny!

Ali Jo said...


we spend one day together and it sends me in to the world of cyber stalking! AND even better, you are fluent in twitter. I'm going to be honest, I'm kind of scared by it. Who do you follow? How did you get into good at it? Were you intimidated at first? HELP ME!

p.s. I will be the newest in the long line of rad interns at M and G. Here's to Manhattan!

sachia said...

I'm just trying to keep up with this bloggin' QUEEN.......
You are soooo funny!

I love Ryan Seacrest. My friend made out with him at the Sundance festival in Utah before he was the RYAN SEACREST he is now. She said he was nice, not sure if he was a good make out or not. I'll have to ask.......

Kristi said...

i love reading your blog keeps me so up to date. i've been slacking lately on posting work is out of control.