Thursday, January 15, 2009

yep, definitely mine

sometime in the past 24 hours it became "moving day" at the workplace (bye bye office...sad face) and when i came in all my stuff was in a pile on the floor and my desk was gone. this was not a surprise to me as i knew it was coming. i was, however, surprised that my desk was gone because i had not emptied it out yet.

i discovered pretty quick that all the desks were not GONE but had moved on to other spaces, so i went on a hunt to find mine. three offices later i thought i had found it -- but it was already occupied by a new vp. [he is cool and i like him. he and i kept getting each other's voicemails during his first few weeks so we have bonded.] i walked in his door and said "can i check your drawers?" he said that was the weirdest request he'd ever heard, but sure. i explained the situation and he said "i don't know if this is your desk, but i found some jelly beans in one of the drawers."

YES. thank you. my calling card has been left once again.


Jean said...

Hahahaha!! Way to leave your mark. If it were my desk, they'd probably be Oreo crumbs, so at least jelly beans are nice and clean and contained. :-)

Angela and Mike said...

did he find any chocolate in there too?