Monday, January 26, 2009

so far today...

ate oreos for breakfast [at least it was a 100-calorie pack :) ]
desk was covered in dust and debris. construction-related.
seen six burly-looking men hovering around the office. construction-related.
had a mtg at starbucks.
worked worked worked.
ordered girl scout cookies.
marveled at how quickly regular two-day weekends go by, after becoming accustomed to holiday breaks and three-days.
blogged on my lunch break.
also i am rocking neon purple tights today. this pic is not photo-shopped.
wild? yes. that's my middle name.


dana said...

I'm jealous of the tights. I miss having a place to wear fun stuff like that. Rock on Wild Thing!
And stay clear of hurly-burly men. Ew...I'm picturing all sorts of sweat and plumber's cracks.

Roxanne said...

you are my twin-i rock all sorts of tights as well. so hot!

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the tights--so awesome!!

Thanks again for last night--everything went well today! :)

Jean said...

Oreos for breakfast and neon tights at work?? You are living on the EDGE, girl!! :-)

Brandon and Erica said...

You are a rockstar. has Hollywood not picked you up?! Maybe they will after they notice those purple tights rompin around on the street!

Love the tights, and yes, only YOU can pull them off :-)

Janessa said...

Not wild. Awesome. I want neon purple tights.